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Mobile Tech Inspires New Products At Belatrix’s Hackathon

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December 02, 2014 | Topic: Innovation   Mobile   Software Product Development  
Mobile Tech Inspires New Products At Belatrix’s Hackathon

Innovation, creativity, leadership – plus some cracking final products – and you can see why Belatrix’s “Codefest 2014” Hackathon was a resounding success.

Here at Belatrix we organized this internal hackathon to bring a variety of people together within the organization. We believe this is particularly important to help find new ideas and perspectives. On the day of the event then we were especially proud to see a range of people with backgrounds in marketing, sales, development, programming, human resources and business leaders all come together.

Work on progress at Codefest 2014
Work on progress at Codefest 2014

What quickly became apparent during the event was just how influential and powerful mobile technology has become. Almost all of the ideas which emerged during the event related to mobile in some way. In looking back at the event it is clear to see that mobile makes it easy to quickly test new ideas, launch a product, and rapidly iterate depending on the results and the progress.

The winners of the event were selected based on three central criteria of innovation, project progress, and team maturity. They were:.

  1. An automatic smart driving solution to help you park your car. Remember the last time you tried to squeeze your car into a tiny car parking space? Well, the so-called “Reverse Sensor” product was designed to help you. It was developed by a team which not only developed a new sensor, but also an Android application. The product could be potentially developed at a significantly lower cost than other alternatives currently available. It was a great example of a team successfully creating a functional, working product within 8 hours – and particularly so given the team combined both hardware and software.
  2. A mobile payment solution to make paying in restaurants easier. We’ve all experienced it. You go to a restaurant, enjoy a nice dinner with friends, but at the end of the night there´s a long discussion about who will pay the bill. This team developed an app, tentatively called “Paga Nomas” to help solve this common, and frustrating, problem. The app provides an easy and intuitive mobile solution so each person knows what they need to pay depending on what they ate or drank. And in case one person cannot pay on the night, the app helps you in lending and repaying money to your friends. It was developed on Android.

Coming up with, and testing, new ideas is a crucial part of how we at Belatrix help our customers. Events such as this help demonstrate and improve our ability to quickly take an idea or concept, and rapidly develop a working prototype which we can then test and revise. And in a fast-changing, mobile-driven world, this is a more critical skill than ever before.

CodeFest 2014 Team

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