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Mobile apps enrich Smart TV in Gartner future of TV prediction

Mobile apps enrich Smart TV in Gartner future of TV prediction

Principal Research Analyst, Paul O’Donovan, of Gartner recently hosted a rather interesting session, The Secret Life of the TV – Hidden Trends, Crouching Technologies.  The session looks at the future of Smart TV in particular as well as other advances in the TV related Consumer Electronics sector.

At Belatrix Software, we view the session through a particular filter.  The take off Smart TVs has significant implications and opportunity for our clients as they do software development of applications that enhance the user experience for Smart TV devices.

Demand for Smart TV drives opportunity for mobile app development

Gartner predicts that by 2017, 80% of all flat planel TVs will be Smart TVs.  Smart TVs offer the consumer connectivity between the TV and mobile devices as well as the chance to share or socialize content.  This has the potential to provide a rich differentiated experience for the end user.  Once the Smart TV is connected to the internet, Gartner sees the potential for the consumer to tap into cloud based apps, for example.

Gartner relates some focus group data that shows that consumers tend to use the TV as their primary home device.  However, they use their TVs while they also are utilzing mobile devices. Those mobile apps and devices offer TV manufactures the opportunity to enable consumers to control (vs. building in expensive voice activated features into the box itself) the Smart TV from their Smart Phones, for example.  Content Providers can then augment the consumer’s Smart TV experiences with apps to support that enhanced experience.

Which mobile platform wins the Smart TV war?

Gartner makes the call that Android becomes the preferred operating system of Smart TVs.

Belatrix Software offers software development and testing services for the Media & Entertainment sector, including mobile app development services across multiple platforms, with specific expertise in Android.




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