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Mobile Revolution – Keeping pace with the market demand for mobile

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May 20, 2013 | Topic: Mobile Apps   mobile banking   mobile devices  
Mobile Revolution – Keeping pace with the market demand for mobile

For many consumers worldwide, mobile devices have become a basic necessity of life and that shows no signs of diminishing. In recent years the sales of phones and tablets have grown at an impressive rate. Considering only Apple devices, this company took only eight quarters to sell over 20 million units.

Television, computers and the Internet have been the greatest technological achievements that have experienced growth in the last 100 years. However, the fastest technological revolution in history has been starred by smartphones and tablets.  Thus, the adoption of smart devices has exceeded ten times the computers, eighty times the Internet and three times social networks.

“The smart revolution has had an extraordinary growth placing the industry in a key position. Developing software is one of the most profitable businesses nowadays,” according to the survey conducted by the firm Flurry.  Just to illustrate this situation, we can see some interesting numbers:

– There are 5700 million active mobiles worldwide.

– 630 million just in Latin America.

– 26% are smartphones.

– Around 100 thousand Android phones are being activated daily.

– In Latin America, only 40% of population is unbanked, but 100% has a mobile phone.

Zeroing in on Mobile Statistics

Mobile apps market deserves a separate paragraph.  The Mobile Application Business Model survey, conducted by ABI Research, believes that this market (which includes pay per download, advertising and subscriptions) will grow up to 46 billion dollars by 2016. If this is so, the billing will triple in just four years.

A very important fact to consider is that by 2013 users are expected to download 56,000 million applications for smartphones and 14,000 for tablets.  In addition, Google Play, the app store for devices using the Android operating system and the App Store, which include applications related to the Apple operating system, are those who are ahead, because between them they account for nearly 1 million 600 thousand programs.

With this background, it is definitely clear that the mobile market is in its infancy and the possibilities for growth are endless. It is time to question whether we are well represented in the world of mobility and whether it is time to enter this segment with great potential.


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