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Mobile week in Lima

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April 14, 2014 | Topic: Mobile  
Mobile week in Lima

Belatrix Software organized a series of talks to promote the knowledge about mobile devices and technologies in different universities of Lima, Peru, during the last week of March.  

Belatrix’s expert in mobile technologies and leader of our Mobile Lab, Alejandro Pasccon, exposed tendencies and insights about the 2014 scenario of mobile development. We’re deeply glad to share the huge excitement this topic generated in Peruvian engineering community: +370 students from San Martín de Porres University, ISIL (Instituto San Ignacio de Loyola) and USIL (Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola) attended the events. 

Talk at San Martín de Porres University
Talk at San Martín de Porres University

The objective was to provide a high level outline about the mobile ecosystem. The attendants listened to a review of the current situation in the mobile world, the evolution of Smart devices in the last few years, last trends in mobile development and a quick overview of the main characters in the mobile scenario. 

Until just a few years ago, the technologies with the biggest growth rate were television, computers and internet. But, in a very short period of time, smartphones  have supassed them up until 10 times! They process user’s context information to improve their life experience, and with some features like voice, facial and gestures recognition, in a few years they’ll be able to anticipate user’s needs and even give pieces of advice. (for more information about the future evolution of smartphones, check our entry “Smartphone Revolution“)

The initiative was part of the program that started in March 4th with our “Automated Testing” course to launch a month of training provided by the company in Lima along with the “Introduction to iOS development” course in Belatrix Lima offices.

“I didn’t expect so much response from the tech community from Lima. It’s been a really nice surprise to find so much people passionate about mobile technologies, and their urge to learn more leaves a good opportunity for us to plan more courses like these in the next months. For now, we’re already organizing our first Lima Hackatrix for May 17th, and we already have lots of attendants registered!” shared Fernando Gonzalez, Marketing Director from Belatrix Software. 

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