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Money 20/20: challenging the status quo of money

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October 22, 2018 | Topic: Business   Financial  
Money 20/20: challenging the status quo of money

Despite the tremendous influence technology has in people’s lives, the process of establishing meaningful relationships is still undeniably linked to face-to-face interactions. With that said, I am extremely excited to be in Las Vegas at the Money 20/20 show.

Over the next three days I’ll be looking forward to meeting with Financial executives across the Fin tech industry. This year there will be more than 2,600 C-Suite execs from over 4,500 companies spanning over 100+ countries present at the show.

From my perspective, its fascinating to see the range of companies presenting at the program. From Visa, Bank of America to Google and IBM, many of the tech giants will be presenting showing their latest offerings in software and service. ‘Building the future of money’ is this year’s mantra with technology as the core driver of success.

As the financial industry is in a constant state of evolution, we at Belatrix are in constant contact with industry leaders discussing the future trends trying to stay ahead of the curve. We have a long history of working with banks and payment providers helping them develop the latest products and services powered by technology. Specifically looking at the payment sector, it’s clear to see how quickly it has changed. As an example, the old days of signing a receipt after paying by card is rapidly disappearing. Today, these payment providers are developing products where payment simply happens, reducing ‘friction’. In turn, this helps in creating a more powerful customer experience. Our experience in Agile software development and Design Thinking allows us to be well positioned in understanding what consumers want helping us to create the software that will meet their needs in this new world of finance and payments.

If you’re in Vegas this week, please pay us a visit at booth #1482 (in front of the American Express Clubhouse). We’re looking forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas!


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