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Native app vs. a mobile web app – Enterprise Advice

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November 26, 2013 | Topic: Mobile   Software Product Development  
Native app vs. a mobile web app – Enterprise Advice

When should an enterprise build native application versus a mobile web app for B2E? Does it differ for B2C?

Mobile platformsThat question recently came up on a Quora discussion. It’s an interesting question.   I’m posting it here because it may also stimulate some interest from our readers:

From Quora Post:

This is a question that is asked every single day by thousands of people and I am afraid that they don’t always get an unbiased answer.

If you ask this question to your developers, they will probably recommend you go native, as everyone wants to learn to program native apps, it’s also more fun to develop natively than having to deal with cross-platform solutions.

In my opinion the answer to your question is “It depends”. It depends on how fast you need to get to market. It depends on how critical user experience is. It depends on how many devices you need to support and in what timeframe, etc., etc.

At our company, if the client needs to get to the market quickly, supporting multiple devices, our recommendation is to start with a mobile web app and/or a cross platform app (using Titanium, for example), test the market, learn and then target the most popular devices with native, device-optimized apps.

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