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Our new office in Silicon Valley is officially open

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August 11, 2017 | Topic: Human Resources  
Our new office in Silicon Valley is officially open

Belatrix Silicon Valley

You may have already seen our press release, but I want to share the news here that Belatrix has just opened a new office in Silicon Valley. This will be our new US headquarters.

We’ve been working with clients in the Valley for many years, so it’s a natural step for us. We recognized in discussions with customers and prospects the need to have people on the ground that can provide more consultative type services, and guide executives through the technology decisions they need to make, in order to achieve the business results they want to achieve.

As a technology company we enjoy working with customers who are at the cutting-edge of the latest developments – it keeps us on our toes, inspires us to continually improve, and develop new capabilities. And it remains the case that there are few places in the world that can rival Silicon Valley in this regard.

I also recognize that there is tremendous competition in the Valley, with companies offering similar services to Belatrix. However I believe our focus on how we hire top talent across Latin America, combined with investing significantly more in continual training than our peers, helps set us apart from other services companies. So whether it’s helping a client implement machine learning, develop a new chatbot, or use design thinking to improve their user experience, Belatrix has the skills, innovative mindset, and know-how to help organizations.

Our new office will be led by our Director of Technical Consulting, Pablo Lecea, and Technical Consultant, Silvana Gaia. Both have quite a unique skill set and history, in being able to dive deep into technical requirements while also having extensive commercial and business acumen.

Silvana was actually one of the first employees of Belatrix, starting work as a developer many years ago, before leaving for a while to start her family, and then re-joining us and becoming a core part of our commercial team. Pablo also started his career at Belatrix as an intern, later becoming a developer, and then project lead. We recognized him as a high potential individual, sending him to do his MBA, and helping change his career from development and into management. In his time away from Belatrix he was the CIO of two companies in Latin America, as well as working as an independent consultant. We’re delighted and proud to have both of them help Belatrix in this next step of our journey.

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