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New testers for a new kind of automation

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August 05, 2014 | Topic: Software Testing  
New testers for a new kind of automation

FITTEST is a European project that started back in 2010 with the objective of developing an integrated environment for the automated and continuous testing of Future Internet Applications. Recently, they shared an article that caught  my attention strongly: the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia developed a tool that allows to automatically test the features of an app.

At first, I thought it was a very positive invention, but with a closer look I became aware of some details that made me doubtful. They left out of the scope a very important aspect that’s been gaining more and more relevance in the last few years: UX testing. It’s been until now one of the stepping stones from where we start most of the innovations in the field. I can’t help but wonder why they would let it aside. Maybe because they couldn’t make a software capable to recreate and judge the users’ experience?

We might be, in fact, not so far of having machines that can think and react as humans beings. Recently, a super computer was able to dupe people into thinking it was a human 13-year-old boy holding a text-based conversation. The machine performed the Turing Test and succeeded in front of a panel of judges (you can read more about this event here) and, according to the words of Turing, this would mean the computer actually thinks.

Knowing this fact, maybe it’s not that crazy to believe that in a near future, computers will be in charge of certain activities that today need a human brain. Just like the industrial revolution changed the role of industrial workers, a digital revolution might be on its way. Can you imagine how many roles could be replaced by artificial intelligence?

If we apply this line of thoughts to the field of software engineering, it’s not so hard to believe that we might say goodbye to testing. If machines can think as humans do, even UX testing might be automated in a future!

What do you think?


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