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Nexus 2017: Helping start-ups succeed in the digital age

Nexus 2017: Helping start-ups succeed in the digital age

Belatrix at Nexus 2017

Last Wednesday I travelled with my colleague and Belatrix’s Technical Consulting Director, Pablo Lecea, to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, to attend the Nexus 2017 conference. Nexus, organized by Nearshore Americas, brings together thought leaders and executives to examine and discuss technology services alliances across the Americas. I want to share here briefly some of my highlights from the event, as well as how Belatrix is focusing on helping the next generation of emerging companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Belatrix’s new service offering targets start-ups rapidly create & develop their MVP

I was keen to attend the event to showcase a new service offering from Belatrix which is specifically targeted at helping start-ups develop an ecosystem to get their minimum viable product (MVP) out of the door and ready to show investors and potential customers as soon as possible. It brings together services from our innovation lab, mobile lab, continuous delivery and integration lab, and test automation lab. When talking with start-ups both before and during the event we identified that providing them with an easy way to create this ecosystem was a key priority. With all the other challenges face start-ups face, having a one-stop place to go, which speeds up the creation process, means it’s easier to sign that first client or get that next round of funding.

More companies looking to Latin America to find digital talent

In order to achieve their ambitions, many start-ups are looking to find talented individuals in Latin America. During the event, the research company Everest Group, provided an overview of the state of nearshore. It highlighted how Latin America, in terms of headcount, has been the fastest growing area for services worldwide. This is partly due to the expanding landscape of tier 2-3 cities, which can provide strong options for companies looking to source digital talent outside of the usual hubs. Everest highlighted how experienced and successful companies in the region align their adopt their operating models in order to take full advantage of the potential of the service delivery from the region.

Google’s Launchpad Accelerator helps convert tech ideas into successful companies

It was also great to hear from the global lead of Google’s Accelerator and Start-Up program, Roy Geva Glasberg. During his keynote he spoke about how Google’s Launchpad Accelerator helps start-ups in emerging countries, and turn innovative technology ideas into successful companies. He described how start-up success relies on the pillars of mentorship, investment, and policy. This tied closely to the principles underlying Belatrix’s new service offering, in providing start-ups easy access to tried-and-tested services to speed up their product development process.

On leaving the event, it became clear to me how the conference had outlined the potential of making technology alliances across the Americas, and how the depth of technical talent available in Latin America is helping to spur innovation both in areas such as Silicon Valley but also across the region. Thanks again to Nearshore Americas for organizing the event.

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