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Belatrix recognized as one of the top places to work for millennials

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August 02, 2018 | Topic: Corporate   Human Resources  
Belatrix recognized as one of the top places to work for millennials

I’m delighted to announce that Belatrix has just been recognized as one of the best places to work for the millennial generation, by the organization Great Place to Work. This was the second year that the organization has held the awards, but the first that Belatrix has participated – so we’re incredibly proud of the recognition. Belatrix was ranked inside the top 15 companies in Peru, alongside major corporations such as Hilton and the pharmaceutical giant, Johnson & Johnson. Great Place to Work emphasized Belatrix’s differentiation as a company that invests and focuses on developing employee talent.

Great Place to Work for millennials

By 2019, millennials are expected to be the largest living generation in the USA and by 2036, their numbers are expected to swell to 76.2 million. Millennials, who are now close to (if not already in) management and leadership positions have different expectations and needs compared to previous generations. They are characterized as being hyper-connected, adaptable, ethical, and expect a high level of personalization.

Here at Belatrix, a large proportion of our workforce are millennials, so we have made significant efforts to ensure we have an enjoyable, high-performing environment. This award is excellent recognition of these efforts. Great Place to Work conducted extensive research, including surveying more than 86,000 millennials to identify those companies with a strong company culture for millennials. They did this by measuring how they themselves rated their organization according to criteria including: leader and managerial performance, training and development opportunities, effective communication, rewards, innovation, and opportunities for professional growth regardless of background. In addition, they evaluated the overall experience and opinion of millennials in comparison to other generations to measure if companies are adapting to the needs of younger employees.

Great place to work millenials

Great Place to Work identified some of the best practices we have created here at Belatrix. These ranged from working from home to improve work-life balance, to providing extensive training opportunities (employees receive an average of 100 hours of training every year), to having games and sports in the office, such as ping-pong and table football. They pinpointed how Belatrix has used technology to help engage and motivate individuals. In the award, judges also emphasized how Belatrix empowers individuals in their work, and enables them to take ownership of tasks in their day-to day work. This is a key part of the high-performing culture at Belatrix, as well as providing excellent opportunities for professional growth.

Thank you to Great Place to Work for the recognition, and thank you to all our contributors who made the award possible!

If you’re interested in joining Belatrix, check out our career site here.

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