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Open Source Software For Steganography In Linux

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May 05, 2015 | Topic: Software Product Development  
Open Source Software For Steganography In Linux

Steganography is the practice of hiding messages or data within another message or data. In digital steganography this may include code, images, videos or other files.

Steghide is steganography open source software that is able to hide data and has a very powerful command line.

The easiest way to install steghide is to use a package handling utility, for example in Debian-based linux distributions (Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Linux Mint, Deepin, Netrunner, Ubuntu GNOME, BackTrack) you can use:

 apt-get install steghide

This is an example of how to use it:

1.First we are going to create a new text file with some text. This would be our secret file – it is just a demo file.

echo “This is my secret file” > secret.txt

Steghide secret file

2. We are going to use an image (JPEG) to hide this text file, and create a new encrypted file.

steghide embed -cf code.jpg -ef secret.txt -sf code_secret.jpg

 embed = embed data
-cf = cover file
-ef = embed file
-sf = output file

Steghide new encrypted file
3. You can list the encryption algorithms and select one

steghide encinfo

Steghide encinfo part 1

 steghide embed -e rijndael-256 -cf code.jpg -ef secret.txt
-sf code_secret.jpg

Steghide encinfo part 2

4. You can also choose the level of compression (1 best speed… 9 best compression)
secret.txt -sf code_secret.jpg

Steghide level of compression part 1Steghide level of compression part 2
5. You can see the size of the file after the encryption, and analyse the differences with bigger files
There are other options and usage, you can see the steghide documentation, just type:

man steghide

Steghide documentation

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