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Our CEO Judges Global Sourcing Awards

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April 13, 2017 | Topic: Awards  
Our CEO Judges Global Sourcing Awards

Our CEO Judges Global Sourcing Awards

Luis Robbio, our CEO and co-founder, has been selected to judge the Global Sourcing Council (GSC) 3S awards. This awards program recognizes organizations and leaders who help promote sustainable and socially responsible sourcing practices. It honors those enterprises that help create a positive social and environmental impact, as well as economic gains to the communities in which they operate.

The judging process started in the early days of April and lasted for two weeks in which the judges evaluated regional applicants. The nominees will be announced tomorrow and they will be attending a gala to be held at the United Nations headquarters on May 17th.

“I’m proud to have been chosen as one of the leading sustainability advocates, and to have the opportunity to help recognize those leaders that want to ensure sustainability plays a core part of their businesses” commented Luis Robbio.

This participation continues Belatrix’s history of working with the Global Sourcing Council, and also our strong focus on corporate social responsibility that will be propelled this year with new initiatives in addition to our usual programs.

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