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Our most popular blogs of 2016

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January 17, 2017 | Topic: Mobile testing   Software Testing   Technology  
Our most popular blogs of 2016

Our most popular blogs of 2016

This week we’re looking back at the most popular blogs from 2016. These top 5 blogs were the most widely read on the Belatrix blog.

1. A developer’s perspective of CES 2016

With perfect timing as CES 2017 has just finished, this blog was our most widely read last year. It demonstrates the continued importance of the biggest tech trade show in the world. Make sure to read our roundup of this year’s event to find out what has changed in the past 12 months.

2. The importance of Javascript in software development

Javascript was one of the hot topics from 2016, and many of our blogs covering the topic were widely read. Make sure to read this article explaining why Javascript remains one of the most popular languages for building software.

3. Why you should consider Functional Programming

We are living in a time of exponential tech changes. With these rapid changes, we need to find new ways of building apps. This blog explains how functional programming represents a paradigm shift that can help us make this change.

4. Understanding Selenium components

Tech leaders are increasingly looking to tools such as Selenium to help them with testing. The author explains the different components of the Selenium family to help readers better differentiate between them.

5. 25 mobile testing tools you cannot live without

Testing mobile apps is more complicated than ever, but more important than ever. Testing tools exist for native apps, HTML5/web interfaces, iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms. Read the article to identify which are the best tools depending on your needs.


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