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Our top blogs of 2015 and what they mean for 2016

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January 15, 2016 | Topic: Technology   UI   UX  
Our top blogs of 2015 and what they mean for 2016

We decided to review our top blog posts of 2015 to identify the key trends and determine what those trends will mean for 2016. Here’s our analysis:

1. How to easily integrate AngularJS with Visual Studio 2015

Actually this blog post was published at the end of 2014, but it has continued to be our most widely-read blog during 2015. With well over 10,000 unique views, this blog hit a nerve with our readers.

It’s clear that the article brought together two key software development trends of 2016. Firstly, that AngularJS continues to rise in popularity (see the graphic below showing search interest). This is occurring as web and app users demand better and better user experiences, and AngularJS offers the ability to create complex single-page applications. Meanwhile AngularJS not only enjoys the backing of Google, but there is also a highly engaged community (see the “ng-conf” conference success as an example).

The second trend is that Visual Studio 2015 was one of Microsoft’s key product launches last year. The emphasis on the launch was that Visual Studio has become a cross-platform tool, so developers can use it to develop apps for any platform, while using a choice of programming languages.

Search interest in AngularJS, 2013-2015

Search interest in AngularJS, 2013-2015

2. Wearables War: Apple Watch vs. Android Wear

In this blog Belatrix experts examined the emerging world of wearables and the two key smartwatch platforms of Apple Watch and Android Wear. It provides a how to guide for developing smartwatch applications.

With the backdrop of the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 taking place this week in Las Vegas, we believe that consumer choice for wearable devices will continue to rapidly increase. IDC has predicted for example that product companies will sell 45 million wearable units in 2015, rising to 126 million by 2019. Looking ahead to 2016, Apple will continue to be a dominate player in the wearables market, but there will be increased competition from a variety of players. One of the devices we’re particularly keen on watching is Withings Go, which is positioned at a much lower price point, and promises an incredible 8-month battery life.

Android wear vs Apple Watch

3. How To Rapidly Improve The UX Of Your Products and How To Avoid 7 Common UX Pitfalls

Our third and fourth most popular blogs focused on creating compelling user experiences. We’ve continued to see increased focus on user experience during 2015. These two blog posts focused on best practices for UX, and how you can quickly improve the experience of your software products.

This focus on UX was also clear when our resident UX expert, Bruno Vilches, attended Interaction South America (#ISA15), one of the largest UX events in South America. In his blog post on the event, Bruno described quick ways to improve the UX of your products and services, in order to maximize your return on investment (ROI). This was another popular blog.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of our top blog posts from 2015. If there are topics you would like to see us examine in 2016, then please leave a comment below!

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