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Predictions 2016, Cracking Open The Digital Economy

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December 11, 2015 | Topic: Software development  
Predictions 2016, Cracking Open The Digital Economy

Predictions 2016, Cracking Open The Digital Economy

Digital technologies have continued to transform businesses at a lightening pace over the past 12 months. From healthcare to automotive, it is software which today makes the difference between a runaway product success, and rapid failure. While software may be “eating the world”, it has also proven it’s ability to eat executives’ jobs, as high-profile failures, from Volkswagen to Target, hit the news over 2015. These failures highlight the challenges that organizations face as they pivot to today’s digital world, where their customers have ever greater demands and expectations.

In a joint whitepaper and upcoming webinar we have examined the rapid changes in software development, and explain what you need to do to prepare for them. We highlight four key predictions:

  1. Design thinking continues to gain traction and changes the shape of the services industry
  2. Testing gets a seat at the executive table
  3. Software powers increasingly individual customer journeys
  4. Software platforms for the internet of things shifts focus of software product development

You can read the full whitepaper here.

In addition we will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday 16 December at 2pm Eastern time to discuss these predictions. You can follow the build-up, as well as the live webinar, on Twitter with the hashtag #PredictionsBSF

We look forward to seeing you there!

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