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How Taking a Process Focus Can Enable Better Agile Development

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August 13, 2012 | Topic: Agile   change   Communication  
How Taking a Process Focus Can Enable Better Agile Development

As is typical at the start of any new client project, Belatrix runs through a review of the client’s process environment and looks for ways to optimize process alignment to achieve the goals of the project.  In doing this for a Financial Services client recently, we identified a potential misalignment.  This involved the specific tool the client was using internally to track issues.   The tool recorded effort in hours vs. capturing actual effort.  Had this gone unnoticed, there would been a significant deviation between the planned and actual efforts involved in the project, resulting in skewed project projections and estimations.  Applying a solution for this though was not easy.  It potentially involved convincing the client to abandon their current tool (something widely used throughout the company). What was the answer?  As in any change, we needed to factor in two things, time and demonstrating value. Belatrix realized that widely replacing the tool would be too radical an approach.  It would only be possible to implement this change if we started to do it using one team first. By showing success in that change, it was then easier to convince the client of the need for change.  Today, this client is in the process of using a new issue-tracking tool with one of their teams. The are seeing value in it and plan to migrate the other teams to the tool gradually.

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