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Avoid these product innovation points of failure

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January 10, 2013 | Topic: Agile   engineering talent   Innovation  
Avoid these product innovation points of failure

Whether you’re a CTO driving one or ten product development initiatives, your focus is on successfully taking your product to market as quickly and as smoothly as possible.  To do that, you likely assess all of the  potential factors that could potentially derail your development effort or that of your team.

Zinnov recently published some interesting data on global attrition trends, examining how high attrition levels impact development projects.  Though not specifically focused on Nearshore outsourced product development (OPD), the research provides some interesting points.

According to Zinnov, smart companies:

  • Thoroughly access new candidates before extending an offer.  Fit is crucial and requires upfront planning.  Belatrix Recruiting not only ensures candidates meet high technical and professional qualifications, but the firm also looks at potential fit for culture and values.
  • Utilize social media and advanced methods of attracting candidates.  Belatrix helps its clients develop cutting edge solutions and we also practice what we preach, utilizing social media extensively to build up our community of engineers.  This allows us to spread the word quickly on new positions and ramp up projects quickly, allowing you to meet time-t0-market / product goals.  Look for us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to name just a few.
  • Leverage new locations. We all know the usual suspects in global outsourcing. Belatrix’s model is to utilize other regions which offer high quality talent.  We then become the “go to” company for technology talent, enabling higher retention and more focused software product development.  Also, Nearshore vs. Offshore (see Belatrix infographic) means shared timezones place less stress on our teams which increases retention levels overall.  Agile development works better with reliable staff and Nearshore alignment.
  • Invest in retention – Belatrix people strategy stresses strong organizational culture,  growing employees, and creating opportunities for enjoyment (away from work).  Belatrix has on one the highest levels of investment in training/employee, for example.  We’re also just created a new Careers site which showcases Belatrix employees.  All of these elements are critical to driving higher retention levels and delivering value to our client partners.

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