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Improve your productivity with these awesome terminals

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September 12, 2014 | Topic: GNU/Linux  
Improve your productivity with these awesome terminals

My first encounter with GNU/Linux was in 2009, but I started to use it professionally in 2012. In those three years I hadn’t realized about the power of Shell, a command language interpreter. The Linux console terminal is generally used to provide text user interface applications and important kernel messages. In many Linux distributions, the default user interface is the real terminal.

So, since I discovered the big number  of utilities I can take advantage of, I’ve been testing many terminals. I would like to show you the three that help me through my daily work, making a lot of tasks much easier. 

1- Terminator 

Terminator is an advanced and powerful terminal emulator built with many features not included in standard terminal. You can customize your profiles and color schemes and split the terminal windows into several partitions. Also, you can add some plugins to get even more functionalities.


You can install it accessing from these repositories:

//sudo apt-get install terminator

These great utilities are hidden inside the preferences options. All you have to do is play with them and test how much you can customize it in order to adjust it to your routine.

2- Final Term

Final Term is an open source terminal that combines a variety of useful capabilities and features with a beautiful interface.

You have to keep in mind that this terminal is currently under development. Most likely in a short time new features will be added and bugs will be fixed.

Although it’s it’s in a Beta version, it provides significant features such as Semantic text menus, command completion, GUI terminal controls, keybindings, etc.

I’ll show some its many utilities:

1- Final term programming

  • Inline context menu

Final term recognizes files, folders, URL’s, procesess.

2- finalterm_optimized

3 -finalterm_optimized

  • Multitab

Opens tabs over window and splits windows

4 -finalterm_optimized

  • Hiding lines

5 - finalterm_optimized

  • Pop-up notifications


  • Drop-down

invoking from keybinding

Final Term is not available on PPA for Ubuntu and derivatives. To use it, we need to build it from Git and solve some dependencies problems, add a couple of libraries and apps to compile it properly. 

sudo apt-get install git build-essential cmake intltool valac libgtk-3-dev intltool clutter-gtk-1.0 libkeybinder-3.0-dev libgee-0.8-dev libnotify-bin libmx-dev
git clone
cd finalterm/
mkdir build
cd build/
cmake ..
sudo make install

3- Guake

Guake is a python based drop-down terminal created for the GNOME Desktop Environment. Its design was inspired in FPS (First Person Shooter) games like Quake.

Using my customized key binding (F12 by default) I can pull up Guake instead of invoking python shell across bash. This way, I can start coding immediately.


You can do the same and adapt it to your needs.

sudo apt-get install guake

KDE users can try using Yakuake, the original inspiration for Guake terminal emulator. If you try to install Yakuake in GNOME desktop, it will come with several KDE dependencies. But if you are a KDE user, Yakuake is just perfect.


I hope these terminals come in handy to make your programmer life easier. However, you must keep in mind your hardware capabilities because Terminator and Final Term are not as lightweight as Guake/Yakuake. Although all the customizable options are great, remember they consume a huge amount of resources as well. Be careful when choosing one so you can run Linux without lag.

And, as I mentioned before, there are lots of terminals to consider. Which one is your favorite? Leave us your comment! 


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