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Video: Q&A with Agile development co-founder Alistair Cockburn

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January 08, 2019 | Topic: Agile   Agile Development  
Video: Q&A with Agile development co-founder Alistair Cockburn


A few weeks ago we were delighted to welcome Agile development co-founder, Alistair Cockburn, to Belatrix’s headquarters in Mendoza, Argentina.

He was in Mendoza to share his thinking about the latest developments in Agile – what he calls the “Heart of Agile”. This involves simplifying the methodology into four core elements: collaborate, deliver, reflect, and improve. We discussed many topics, from the advantages of Scrum to managing Agile at scale.

During our conversation, we asked Mr Cockburn for his thoughts on some key questions:

  1. How do you see Agile today and its implementation in companies, compared to your initial vision of the methodology? What has changed the most?
  2. Despite the fact that you wrote the Manifesto many years ago, many companies still struggle to implement Agile. What do you think is the main reason for this?
  3. What is the most under-estimated part of transitioning to Agile?
  4. Distributed Agile is increasingly the norm in global teams. How do you see this impacting how Agile teams work together, and what advice do you have to make sure the team is successful?
  5. Could you give us some suggestions to develop a successful agile digital transformation project? If we have to estimate it, what parameters do you suggest to use? What metrics do you suggest to measure it?

Watch the video to see Mr Cockburn’s answers to our questions and his thoughts about Agile development.


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