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The role of the CFO in times of rapid digital change

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October 16, 2019 | Topic: Business  
The role of the CFO in times of rapid digital change

An interview with Belatrix’s CFO Horacio Yenaropulos

What best practices should chief financial officers (CFOs) follow to achieve success in today’s business landscape, which is being fundamentally changed by technology? Given the importance of digital technology to the success of a business, organizations are investing more and more resources into their technology initiatives. IT budgets and spending continue to increase and analysts expect them to increase through 2020. In light of these trends, CFO Thought Leadership interviewed Belatrix’s CFO, Horacio Yenaropulos, to find out about his priorities and how he is helping Belatrix succeed in an industry that is changing rapidly. You can listen to his full interview here.

As Horacio points out, enterprises continue to face the broad pressures of the need for growth, whilst facing the need to keep expenditure in check. In the tech industry (as in many other industries) “growth” is king – and thus the central priority for CFOs is to ensure the organization has the resources it needs in a timely and efficient manner.

However, achieving this is particularly difficult when operating in a world where requirements and initiatives can change on an almost daily basis. The speed at which organizations operate in today’s global world, puts ever more pressures on financial officers. As a result, Horacio argues the ability to change and adapt represents a competitive advantage for CFOs in this time of rapid digital change.

You can listen to the complete podcast with Horacio Yenaropulos by clicking here.

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