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Smartphone revolution

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April 01, 2014 | Topic: Mobile  
Smartphone revolution

Sometimes we don’t realize how much our lives have been changed by the surrounding technology. However, a major revolution like this cannot be ignored. Our attachment to smartphones has become radical, they’re not just a phone; they’re also our alarm clock, our portable video game platform, our digital library, cameras, agenda and computers. Once you try a smartphone, going back to a normal cell phone feels almost as going back in time to an analogical era.

Siri iPhone 5
iPhone Siri

With Apple’s Siri as a reality, is not crazy at all to believe that, in some years, our mobile devices will be working the role of our personal assistants. With just a voice command, you can order your phone to search the web, look for traffic information and answer your calls if you’re busy at the time. It will also collect your preferences and possible anticipate your needs based on your daily schedule.

In the technical area, one major change we’ll see is a new generation of smartphones that could fit like a jewel or accessory. Gadgets like the Galaxy gear, Sony smartwatch and Moto 360 are made to complement smartphones, but if we could control every function only by command voice they would became really important. This doesn’t mean we won’t use smartphones at all, but simple tasks such as calling, sending messages, asking for direction or taking down notes could be completed with simply ordering our gear to do so, saving battery for things that really require to look at the screen, like browsing the web or playing games.

Moto 360, Sony smartwatch and Samsung Galaxy Gear.

However, one of the most utilitarian uses for our smartphones it will be to become our wallets. We can already speed transactions through different banking applications, but is becoming more and more popular in some countries to get rid of physical cash and credit cards paying directly in a phone-based way. This is possible thanks to NFC (near-field communication)   chips, and you just have to get your smartphone close to a cash register equipped with an NFC reader. But, of course, before this technology becomes totally safe we need additional security to prove our identity:  fingerprint scanners, voice and facial recognition, etc. Just for now, the smartphones that include this technology are the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5, but it will become more and more common.

NFC banking
Banking solutions: NFC payment

This is just a quick overview of all that’s coming, but we shouldn’t forget that although these technologies are in early stages of development, it won’t be long till we see them as part of our daily routine. Smartphones will be a multitasking and indispensable device, and in five or less years from now, every company will be using a mobile version of any software they currently have.

Belatrix Software is already providing mobile development services through its Belatrix Mobile Lab, working full time to implement the latest trends on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Tablet software and Windows phone 7. Our clients trust in us to respond to their needs and create software products that will perfectly suit their business, taking advantage of the benefits of a portable device that is the clear fingerprint of the digital era. 

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