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Sparking Innovation with Agile Development

Steve Mezak

Fernando Gonzalez

August 14th, 2013

Crossing out failure and writing success.

Most entrepreneurs, artists, and great inventors have one thing in common: they’ve failed. As strange as that might sound, failure is a part of almost every success story. Perseverance and persistence help successful people push through until they’ve found the right innovation.

With this fact in mind, Agile development is the perfect system for spurring software innovation. Why? Agile methodology allows for multiple opportunities to fail in a low-impact way. It means developers can take time to try new ideas in each process step and even fail without setting the entire project back, as often happens with big failures.

Making Room for Innovation

At Belatrix, we believe in innovation. That’s why we help guide all of our clients into successful outsourced software development projects, and also into creating space for innovation. We allow for room to try new things while creating to allow for better and more innovative product development. We make sure an appropriate amount of time is budgeted for the project when inventing new aspects for the software.

Adding Company Values for Innovation

While creativity may sometimes feel spontaneous, we still guide our team by adding values to the way we approach innovation in agile development.  We make sure all employees know that Belatrix values innovation with our employees. When training employees, we teach them creative mind mapping, brainstorming, and analogies to help them learn to think in new ways. This has helped us ensure a creative and professional approach to solving problems with agile development.

Connecting Across Industries

Creativity is about making connections to solve problems. Belatrix has practiced the Agile development process and mentality for many years across a variety of industries. Serving a variety of clients across different sectors helps our agile development team learn and make connections. They’re able to stay connected to what agile software development is happening in other fields, and creatively solve problems in another field.

Not only do we embrace agile development and learning from our failures, but we make sure to embrace innovation through our work and culture. Having a strong team of software developers is one way to succeed, but having a strong team of innovative developers can take your product to a whole new level. Get started creating your innovative software development today with one of our outsourced software development teams.


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