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How a successful digital transformation reaps rewards

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April 02, 2019 | Topic: Awards  
How a successful digital transformation reaps rewards

PLA recognized as one of the most innovative companies at ExpoAgro

The leading manufacturing and agricultural company, PLA (now part of John Deere Argentina), has just received the silver medal in the Ternium prize at the ExpoAgro awards, a major agricultural event. The award was for their innovative self-propelled sprayer, “SIA” machine, that has a mobile application developed by Belatrix for PLA. PLA has a long relationship with Belatrix, and we’ve been intimately involved in their technology projects and initiatives, so it’s great to see their success and how they continue to lead the market with their innovation and commitment.

The recognition that PLA received for their integrated application system is particularly interesting, because it shows how technology can provide significant additional value to machinery. This innovative system brings together their manufacturing expertise with automation, enabling farmers to monitor in real-time their machinery using any mobile device. It makes the self-propelled sprayer more efficient; it enables the self-management of the machinery, meaning less time is needed for maintenance; while the real-time monitoring of the environment means it can assess the right conditions, and reduce drift which can adversely affect people and the environment.

This report highlights how PLA and Belatrix worked together to create this application system. The process involved creating a new digital vision, implementing the use of Design Thinking, and changing their development processes to be shorter and more iterative. These efforts led to the creation of mobile and web applications, which brought together different data sources, to help provide additional value to both PLA’s customers and to the company itself.

ExpoAgro is one of the most important industry events in the agricultural sector in Argentina. The Argentine President, Mauricio Macri, met representatives of AP (precision agriculture) companies at the event, including John Deere Argentina and PLA, to discuss the potential of AgTech (agriculture technology) and how it can improve productivity in the sector. Macri highlighted how AgTech can significantly lower costs for growers by helping them more accurately measure inputs and conditions on their farm. During the meeting with Macri, Josefina Oldani, Product Development at PLA, spoke about the importance of technology (video in Spanish).

The potential for technology in agriculture

Here at Belatrix, together with expert digital agronomists, we’ve examined in detail the potential for technology in agriculture, as well as some of the challenges the sector has in adopting this technology. Even in developed sectors, such as the US, research shows that the majority of farmers still rely on pen, paper and non-computerised tools, or rely on basic software such as Excel – demonstrating that the tremendous potential of AgTech still has a long way to be fully realized.

I was incredibly pleased to see PLA’s success and recognition at the event. Congratulations!

You can watch the full story of PLA’s  and their work together with Belatrix in the video below:

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