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The success of the Hackatrix Lima 2019

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June 05, 2019 | Topic: Hackathon  
The success of the Hackatrix Lima 2019

We recently hosted one of our favorite and most traditional events, the Hackatrix 2019 in Lima, Peru. After two intense days organizing a hackathon with all sorts of in-depth activities related to technology and software development, we are proud to announce that we surpassed our all-time high record both in subscriptions and attendance: we welcomed more than 230 participants from all around Peru.

Year after year we have witnessed an increasing number of people interested in these kinds of events. That was one of the reasons why we joined efforts with the Engineering and Technology University of Peru – UTEC, in order to host the event.

Categories and winners

For this edition of the Hackatrix, the main objective was to promote the collective development of social and innovative ideas under a competitive and fun environment. There were 3 main categories: innovation, popularity and featured participant.

In the innovation category, the winning team was “Makers” with a project focused on helping deaf people interact with their surroundings, using IBM’s Watson — an artificial intelligence software for visual recognition, speech to text, and text to speech.

Hackatrix Lima 2019“Makers” team winner of the Innovation category. Source: @BelatrixLatAm Twitter

As for the popularity category, the winners were “AdaThinklab”, which created an educational assistant to make studying more interesting and fun — this team had more than 900 likes, shares, and retweets on social media.

Facebook post with the total reactions. Source: @BelatrixSoftware Facebook

Finally, the featured participant award was earned by Alejandro Fort who was recognized as a role model due to his leadership and collaborative mindset.

A huddle between Alejandro Fort and his team

The jury

For this edition of the Hackatrix, we had a top performing technical committee which included the following experts:

  • Martín Alfieri, Director of Delivery at Belatrix.
  • Sergio Infante, Director of Belatrix’s Centers of Excellence.
  • Ernesto Cuadros, Director of Computer Science at UTEC.
  • Glauco Zamarin, Manager of Business Architecture and Technology at Pacífico Insurance.
  • José del Castillo, Deputy Manager of Digital IT Projects at Pacifico Insurance.

The most popular technologies

The Hackatrix is all about coming up with the most innovative idea and developing it in a timely manner. Given this, teams had to be highly efficient in order to beat other competitors and come up with a fully functional MVP. In order to achieve this, different languages and platforms were used. The most popular were:

  • Programming language: JavaScript
  • IDE: Visual Studio Code
  • Cloud platform: Firebase
  • Database: Firebase Real-time Database

The aftermath

Hackatrix Lima 2019 was an event that surpassed all initial expectations: subscriptions had to close 2 weeks prior to the event, with a 20% increase compared to 2018. Also, it was a good opportunity to witness how year after year projects become more robust and complex, using modern technologies. For us at Belatrix, we’re already looking forward to taking the event to Bogotá and Buenos Aires later this year, and welcoming software enthusiasts from across Latin America!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram ( and Facebook (@BelatrixSoftware) for more photos of the event!

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