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Successful women in tech: Yosit Sanchez

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January 25, 2018 | Topic: Human Resources  
Successful women in tech: Yosit Sanchez

Nearshore Americas recently published an article examining gender equality in the nearshore technology services industry, and it found that there is still a lot of work to do. Resulting from this article, I have blogged about what more we can do to achieve gender equality in the industry. A small part of creating change, involves creating awareness for women who may be interested in starting a career for a technology company, such as Belatrix. As a result, all this week I have been publishing profiles of some of the women that work at Belatrix. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Yosit Sanchez.

Introducing Yosit Sanchez, Developer Engineer

Yosit Sanchez was one of the first developers that we hired when we first opened Belatrix’s Lima offices. She has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the National University of Trujillo, in the north of Peru. She currently works with one of Belatrix’s largest clients in the financial services industry and is a certified Scrum Master.

Alex: Yosit, firstly many thanks for sharing your thoughts today. How did your interest in technology start?


My interest in technology started in secondary school, when there was the possibility to study programming. I was interested in technology, and how to solve problems. Learning to code was a good mixture for this. The classes at school were the first time that I started using a computer, and could start learning about the topic. As I enjoyed it a lot, I decided to study computer science at university.

After graduating, how did your career begin?

After university I quickly found a job working for a governmental institution in Trujillo. However there were limited opportunities, and in the end I decided to move to Lima. Here again I started working for another governmental institution. But to be honest there was a lot of bureaucracy. I had heard about companies in the outsourcing space and wanted to find out more. At the time Belatrix was opening a new office here in Lima, and I found myself being interviewed by Luis Robbio, Belatrix’s CEO. Luckily, I was accepted!

What’s interesting is the difference I immediately noticed between an organization such as Belatrix and the organizations I had worked at previously. The atmosphere at Belatrix is much more entrepreneurial, people are treated with respect and encouraged to ask questions and learn new things. It is a much more horizontal structure, and it’s easy to talk to the management team.

Do you have any advice for aspiring female developers or women that want to work in tech?

I would just say that if you are passionate about tech, then go for it. I think women are very well-suited to the problem-solving challenges that working in technology provides.

In my experience, and also when talking with friends who work for other tech companies, we haven’t experienced discrimination or difficulties. But there is however clearly still a cultural shift in Peru that needs to happen – that there are still expectations held by some people that women should study more “traditional” female topics such as nursing. At my university, I would estimate 80% of the students studying computer science were male.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that in my case when I started at Belatrix I started with a young family. This was then a double challenge- and although it’s not easy, it’s not impossible. Belatrix provided me with a lot of flexibility to do this, for example it was possible to work from home, or they were understanding if there was an emergency.

Have you had opportunities to learn and participate in trainings?

Yes, one of the things I love most about my job are the opportunities to learn about new technologies. I’ve also certified as an Agile Scrum Master. My English has improved dramatically. I’ve also had opportunities to travel, whether to the headquarters in Argentina, or to spend time with clients in the US. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot, and for that I’m both personally and professionally grateful.

Thanks for joining Yosit, and for sharing your thoughts!

Thanks for the opportunity. I would just leave with saying that I love my work, and the professional. I appreciate that by working with top companies, we can work with the latest technologies – this means I’m always learning new things. It’s an evolution.

Belatrix is currently hiring. Find out about our career opportunities here.

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