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Belatrix’s Tech Day: Supporting promising engineers

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October 14, 2019 | Topic: Human Resources  
Belatrix’s Tech Day: Supporting promising engineers

Our annual Tech Day events have taken place once again. Last Saturday and Thursday we held all-day sessions where we carried out activities and challenges to encourage high school students to discover the world of technology and coding.

This was the fourth edition of our annual Tech Day. The event is part of our commitment to impact local communities and help underprivileged children access high-quality education. The students who attended the event are part of Belatrix’s scholarship program which started in 2014 when we joined FONBEC, a local non-profit organization in Argentina. The program offers scholarships to children with good grades who don’t have the financial footing to complete their studies. Many of Belatrix’s employees are their “godfathers” or “godmothers” in the program and provide economic aid to help them succeed in their education.

40 people attended the event, including youngsters and Belatrix volunteers. In order to help students understand the logic of coding, we used Scratch, a program of the MIT Media Lab. MIT designed it for people with little or no experience in programming to be able to create games or animations and discover their potential.

The program doesn’t involve actual coding, but rather it is about organizing blocks that belong to different categories such as motion or sound. As a result, children get to know the logic of programming in a fun way, acquiring abilities in creative thinking, systematic reasoning, and teamwork.

The second Tech Day event, took place in the Champagnat University in Mendoza, counted with the presence of 100 people. 90 students from different schools attended the event where they explored the fundamentals of programming through MIT App Inventor, a development environment that enables adults and children to easily build applications for tablets or smartphones. As scientists at MIT highlight, the objective of the program is to “empower young people to move from technology consumption to technology creation”. At the end of the day, students had successfully created and tested three games with App Inventor.

The event was a great success and we were able to introduce students to the field of software engineering in an entertaining and interesting way. When we asked them how they felt about the event, students said it helped them decide to pursue a career in programming and they realized how important and fun it is to learn about coding.

One of the objectives of the Tech Day events is to bring down stereotypes regarding what is like to be a developer or working in a technology-focused career. Students received first-hand insights from people in the tech world, who highlighted how fun programming can be, fostering creativity and imagination.

Finding professionals with the skills to create cutting-edge digital experiences and software products is one of the main concerns of organizations today. The technology industry is in need of skilled engineers, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for youngsters who decide to follow a career in engineering. They are the future of technology.

Take a look at some pictures of the events!


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