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Technology Innovation at the Center of eLearning and edTech Growth

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September 30, 2013 | Topic: Innovation   Nearshore   Software Product Development  
Technology Innovation at the Center of eLearning and edTech Growth

e-learning and ed tech growthThe Education sector is on a course for radical transformation and software and technology innovation is at the center of eLearning disruption. This is already extremely evident from the success of programs such as the Khan Academy which is shifting how California schools and other school systems approach the learning of their youngest citizens. But this isn’t just about K-12. The playing field is much, much larger than that, with adult online education becoming a growing sector. The transformation of Education is driven by a multitude of factors, one major and very significant one being — mobile.

Here are some rather interesting data points we came across:

Recent data from IDC reports a clear uptick in client device shipments to the U.S. education sector (15.3% year over year growth in 2012) to the tune of $5 billion. IDC attributes the growth to tablet shipments specifically, which grew 103% year over year in 2012 and they predict this momentum to continue.

EdTech digest cited GSV Advisors’ strong educational technology market size and growth trends by industry sub-segment, including those for eLearning, social learning communities, and other technology opportunities.

We also found this great blog by Edudemic which nicely summarizes some of the key trends driving eLearning. They include:

    1. The shift from desktop to mobile education
    2. Reliance on more passive technology tools (PowerPoint) move to interactive tools
    3. Gamification as an approach to learning
    4. HTML5
    5. Responsive Design

Belatrix Software is helping clients drive their innovation efforts in the eLearning /EdTech sector. With experience in Agile software development and strategic testing, we have strong expertise in all of the major trends and eLearning growth drivers. We’ve worked with major global firms in the eLearning space. Contact us to learn more.


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