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Digital transformation: The importance of integration

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October 06, 2017 | Topic: Digital transformation  
Digital transformation: The importance of integration

Digital transformation: The importance of integration

Over the last year, much has been said and written about digital transformation and how it has the potential to change our everyday lives, and push organizations to innovate their methods and processes to remain competitive and profitable.

In many cases, the (so far) lack of response of some companies is due to their need to work on better coordination and communication across a large enterprise. This is often caused by the challenges in integrating systems and processes.

This deficiency becomes even starker when we look at the need for organizations to be more agile, innovative, efficient, and customer-oriented. In order to achieve this, it’s important for organizations to be able to bring together the disparate systems and applications that different areas of the organization use. In general, each of these applications have their own data archive, and separate user and reports management, which creates challenges when it comes to coordinating tasks and collaborative actions between areas. In addition it results in performance problems, and challenges with the government and consistency of data.

There are currently several companies on the market offering products and services to deal with these commonly-faced difficulties. One of these platforms, which analysts consider to be a market leader, is the WSO2 platform, which consists of different products and solutions. These solutions have features to help organizations on their path of digital transformation, including:

  • 100% open source products on ASF (Apache Software Foundation) licenses.
  • Pre-integrated products, fully configurable and capable of developing and integrating with pre-existing systems (legacy & web apps).
  • Flexible and innovative products, which are “enterprise oriented”, and where the main objective is that technology is a response, not an obstacle.
  • Mature products in the implementation of SOA, and currently prepared for the implementation of architectures oriented to microservices.

The WSO2 platform includes various products: WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, WSO2 Identity Server, WSO2 Data Analytics Server, WSO2 IoT Server.

These products are available for on-premise and cloud installation, either provided by WSO2 or by the provider of your organization’s preference.

As organizations try to keep up with their competition, digital transformation initiatives can take many forms. However the integration of data and different systems is a critical component of any digital transformation. It provides the foundation for an organization to be able to use data effectively and benefit from the power of new technologies.

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