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The potential of healthtech to transform healthcare

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August 23, 2016 | Topic: Healthcare   Technology  
The potential of healthtech to transform healthcare

New technologies are changing healthcare and providing new opportunities for both how care is delivered, as well providing the basis for new treatments. Digital health is providing individuals with greater visibility into their own health situation, and providing the means to empower people to make their own decisions, from lifestyle choices, to types of treatment.

Given the potential of healthtech to transform the healthcare industry, during the past few months Belatrix has published important reports on the key changes occurring in healthcare. First up, we provided an analysis of the core trends, and what the changing face of healthcare means for healthcare providers, insurance providers (payers) and of course patients themselves. You can also watch the related webinar. It is clear each of these constituents face their own set of challenges:

  • Insurance providers seek to improve member experiences, but are challenged with administrative overheads. Technology provides the means to streamline processes and create visibility into payment and care data.
  • Healthcare providers are increasingly challenged to improve efficiency while providing better care. Digitalized healthcare records, better access to patient monitoring data, and overall better analysis and application of clinical data will result in better care decisions.
  • Patients want access to data and information, fewer barriers to better care, and greater visibility to costs. Improved collaboration and coordination between patients and key actors in healthcare systems, will result in patients receiving better and more appropriate care.

We also extended our healthcare coverage to the biopharmaceutical (pharma) industry. Our recent report argued that the improved use of data and analytics will be critical for pharma to respond successfully to the challenges it faces in the coming years. By improving their use of information, and big data, pharma will be able to improve clinical-trial efficiency, improve collaboration, and use this data to improve their R&D processes. Ultimately this will help pharma find the insights necessary to drive personal or precision medicine, where patients are treated using individualized approaches.

Continuing our healthcare focus, in the coming weeks we will be publishing a case study examining how one healthcare company used Belatrix’s user experience (UX) consulting services to better understand their patient’s journeys.

If you are a healthcare company and want to find out more about how Belatrix can help your organization, please get in touch.


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