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Belatrix recognized top software development

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October 19, 2018 | Topic: Awards  
Belatrix recognized top software development

We have the pleasure to announce that Belatrix has been highlighted in the list of top software developers by GoodFirms, a platform that selects the most effective, innovative, and well-performing developers of mobile apps and software solutions. GoodFirms aims to connect the best IT services providers with technology executives, to help them find the right partner.

In order to identify the best software service providers, GoodFirms conducts research and uses a set of criteria in which Belatrix was very well positioned. The three main parameters of evaluation included:

  • Quality. Thanks to Belatrix’s expertise in Agile Development, our industry-leading training programs, and our optimized processes, GoodFirms highlighted how we deliver a high quality product that adjusts to our clients needs, helping them succeed in a competitive market.
  • Reliability. Placing Agile at the core of our practices means that we provide transparency, visibility, and flexibility to our clients. We have an effective, tried-and-tested approach to Scrum, which is crucial to provide real-time feedback and to keep our clients informed regarding how exactly the project unfolds. In addition to a high performing workforce, we provide industry leading project governance, which ensures our projects stay on track, anticipating potential risks and eventualities. GoodFirms recognized our focus on information security best practices – for example, we’re certified in ISO 27001 standards.
  • Ability. Our talent acquisition team not only finds the best technical talent to help our clients with their digital transformation; they also encourage Belatrix’s employees to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies and to further improve their skills. We offer more than 100 hours of training each year for individuals, and we put special focus on providing an environment where people feel comfortable and engaged. This is reflected in our Scrum certifications and the multiple recognitions from the organization Great Place To Work.

In addition, GoodFirms rated us according to customer satisfaction, market penetration, quality of deliverables, and software design. As one client states on GoodFirms, “It has been a great experience” and provided Belatrix with a 5 out of 5 rating on the assessment.

Given the competitive landscape in the technology industry, it’s vital for companies to establish a differentiator. That is why, here at Belatrix, we focus on identifying the best technical talent, building a healthy work environment, and shaping ideas into great software products.

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