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Join Our Upcoming Webinar “Stories From The Agile War Room”

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May 15, 2015 | Topic: Agile   Webinar  
Join Our Upcoming Webinar “Stories From The Agile War Room”

Stories from the agile war room

Next week I will host a webinar with three of Belatrix´s senior Scrum Masters to discuss best practices for Agile. As we all know, reading about the principles of Agile software development is one thing. But understanding how to implement and use these in real-world situations is another.

As a result Belatrix´s Scrum Masters, Karla Bernal, Julieta Barrionuevo, and Alejandra Roitman,  will share stories from their experiences and what they did to overcome the challenges they faced. During the webinar we’ll discuss:

  • Common mistakes teams make in planning
  • How to deal with low performing individuals on the team
  • Best practices for running successful retrospectives
  • Best practices for being a successful Scrum Master

You can also join the conversation simultaneously on Twitter using the hashtag #ScrumMaster2015

The webinar will be an open discussion, and we’ll be delighted to take questions from the audience- so if you have a question about Agile and want to ask our experts, simply register here.

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