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How To Use The Latest Tools In Android Design

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July 28, 2015 | Topic: Technology  
How To Use The Latest Tools In Android Design

Android Design Support Gallery

Two months ago we analyzed the announcements from Google IO 2015. Looking deeper into those announcements, we now want to examine what’s new with Android Design. What are the new components that every developer should know? Here we’ll share with you the key tools.

Navigation View

We all know the navigation drawer, but this new component allows you to create a slidable view with a header. It provides a framework to add this without creating custom adapters or a custom view.

navigation drawer

Floating labels for editing texts

We know these elements from the popular Floating Button but it is now available for labels, EditText and custom components. So if you are a fan of these kinds of components this will be very helpful for you.

Floating Action Button

Now the popular floating button is available in this new library, so you can use this component without adding a third party dependency.

Floating Action Button


Every Android programmer knows about toasts. Well, this is something similar but appears by default on the bottom of the screen and contains a text. You can swipe it to remove it.


Coordinator layout

The coordinator layout allows you to work with all the new components and create amazing motion effects as the collapsible toolbar that we can find on apps such as the Play Store, WhatsApp, Facebook and more.


This collapsing toolbar is now implemented in this new library so you can start to test and creating amazing apps with the latest guidelines for material design.

We also have the TabLayout component, and the RecycleView has been optimized.

How can I use all these new components? Simply add the dependency to the build.gradle in your Android Studio project:

compile ''

And that’s all. Be sure to update your IDE and your SDK.

You can learn more about the updates by using the Android developer official web site. That’s all for now, so start playing with the new components and please share with us your comments about your experience with these new tools.



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