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What makes Belatrix engineers stand out?

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January 03, 2013 | Topic: Agile   Management   Nearshore  
What makes Belatrix engineers stand out?

What makes Belatrix Software’s engineers stand out?  If you’re a candidate considering joining Belatrix, that’s probably one of the questions you’re asking.  The answer is — there are lots of ways Belatrix’s developers make a difference. Those involve the “what” they do, things like working to create or extend the functionality of innovative products for clients all over the world and learning and using the latest technology practices to do that.  But others involve the “how” they do it.  This doesn’t always just involve technology.  It also includes ways in which our team members inspire the trust of our clients.   That’s a crucial ingredient of what we deliver to clients.  We thought it would be good to share one of those best practices we use each and every day…


You receive an email, requesting information.  You read it and get to work right away on satisfying the request.  You may even put in enormous effort into addressing the questions in that email.  But three days latter, you haven’t yet responded to the request.  You’re confident that you’re doing the right thing because you are working to address the request.

  • What’s wrong? The requester hasn’t received an answer.  S/he doesn’t know whether you’ve got the request and are working on it.  S/he still has lots of questions.  As time passes, depending on the importance of the request, the requester’s frustration level increases. A simple request is now an “issue.”
  • Better approach:  Think of the scenario from the other person’s perspective.  What would have been a better way to approach the situation?  A good approach would be to acknowledge the email immediately or within a few hours of receiving the request.  Confirm that you received the request.  Estimate when you’ll be able to address the request.  If you can’t immediately answer the questions, give the requester a sense of what’s involved in getting the information. Then follow through with the information by the date you promised.

Strong communication skills are crucial for Belatrix Software team members, and it’s an important part of excellence, one of Belatrix’s core values.  It’s something that Belatrix invests in training employees to have the best communication skills to allow them to address the needs of clients, and foster great relationships.

Points to consider:

  • Practice empathy – Consider the situation from the other person’s point of view. For example, acknowledge that you have received a request.
  • Follow though – deliver what you say you will when you say you will.
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