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Why Big Data Analytics Must Change – Join Our Webinar

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June 01, 2015 | Topic: Webinar  
Why Big Data Analytics Must Change – Join Our Webinar

Why Big Data Analytics Must Change

Big data is driving fundamental change within organizations. However many organizations continue to struggle to transform this torrent of data into business relevant knowledge and insight. A new approach to analytics is therefore required.

On Wednesday 3 June, Belatrix will be joined by Juan Damia, the chief executive of Intellignos, to discuss a new approach to big data analytics – or “analytics 2.0”. At Intellignos, Juan Damia helps companies improve their use of data via more effective analytics. Juan Damia has pioneered the use and development of analytics 2.0, or “meta analytics”.

During the webinar we will discuss:

  • The trouble with traditional big data analytic approaches.
  • How can companies overcome the challenges with big data analytics? And what is “meta analytics”?
  • The importance of forming an analytics governance department.
  • The role of the CTO/CIO in this transformation
  • Case studies
  • Q&A

To join us in this free webinar, please click here. We’re looking forward to the conversation!

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