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Why Belatrix is a Great Place to Work

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December 07, 2016 | Topic: Human Resources  
Why Belatrix is a Great Place to Work

Belatrix the 12th Best Place to Work in Peru and the 4th best in Argentina

Why Belatrix is a Great Place to Work

Yesterday the company Great Place to Work recognized Belatrix as the 12th best place to work in Peru. This award follows on the from Belatrix’s success in being rated as the 4th best place to work in Argentina last week. Great Place to Work recognizes and rewards those companies with an exceptional workplace culture.

What makes Belatrix great?

Given our success in both Argentina and Peru, it’s worth taking a step back and asking, “what makes Belatrix great?” or “Why do people enjoy working here?”.

We believe there are numerous reasons, but underlying all these runs the Belatrix culture based on trust, teamwork, continuous learning, and passion for innovation. The Belatrix values and culture run throughout the employee journey, through recruitment, onboarding, to development and continuous learning, and striving for excellence.

This company culture and workplace environment is one of the reasons Belatrix is able to hire great technical talent. Belatrix brings together efforts involving career development, involvement in universities and developer communities, and corporate social responsibility (such as our work with the DANE project which helps children with disabilities). As a result, Belatrix has one of the lowest rates of attrition amongst its peers.

As Luis Robbio, Belatrix CEO, stated after the event, “We’re very proud of the recognition we have received over the past couple of weeks in Peru and Argentina, and will continue to work hard to further improve our workplace in the coming months and years.”

Why Belatrix is a Great Place to Work

Celebrating the Great Place To Work award at Lima offices

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