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Belatrix’s Silvana Gaia nominated for Women in IT Awards

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October 10, 2019 | Topic: Awards  
Belatrix’s Silvana Gaia nominated for Women in IT Awards

I’m delighted to announce that yesterday, Belatrix’s Customer Success Manager, Silvana Gaia was nominated as “Role Model of the Year” in the Women in IT Awards held in Silicon Valley. I also want to congratulate the eventual winner of the award, Bernadette Rotolo, Senior VP at Warner Music Group.

Silvana has been one of our most instrumental employees for many years. From joining Belatrix as our 9th employee back in 2002, she has held many roles over the years. Back in 2014 she moved from Argentina to help set up our Silicon Valley headquarters. Today, as Belatrix’s Customer Success Manager, she plays a pivotal role in driving Belatrix to be the most customer-centric company in the industry. But what is more impressive than her individual success, is Silvana’s participation in the industry, championing women and other female developers, and advocating at events and in the media. For example, you can read the interview I held with Silvana about her career and what it’s like working in the tech sector.

The Women in IT Awards is an international award ceremony, with events from Singapore to London. The event in Silicon Valley is particularly important given the low representation of women in US tech. As the event organizers point out, the representation of women in US tech has steadily declined over the past 15 years. In Silicon Valley just 11% of executives are female. The awards therefore aim to champion those who have achieved success, find role models, and encourage greater participation in the industry.

One of the key priorities for Belatrix is to champion women and increase female participation in the technology industry. As I’ve written about previously, we’ve taken specific steps to do this, although we recognize there’s always more that we can do. For example, we support local female developer communities, work closely with universities and schools to show youngsters what it’s like to work in technology, to ensuring there are female candidates for every promotion opportunity in the company.

Congratulations Silvana and to all the nominees and winners at the award ceremony! Below are some photos from the event.


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