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Women that inspire women

A Picture of Alejandra Morales
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March 09, 2020 | Topic: Human Resources  
Women that inspire women

Behind every great individual there is usually someone that has inspired them. Women who have found the courage to fight against stereotypes and prejudice often have had a female figure that has helped them feel empowered to achieve their goals in their personal and professional lives.

Increasingly women are not only paving their own way through the tech industry, but are also building a path for the generations to come. In order to highlight their courage, initiative and persistence, we asked female leaders at Belatrix about the women who have inspired them to accomplish great things.

Sindy Velásquez


Scrum Master

My inspiration

My mother is definitely a figure to look up to. I come from a male-dominated family and my mother was always the rebel. When I was a child she told me her stories where she would contradict her mum and question the ideas about what women were expected to do.

Another important female figure was one of my leaders when I had my first job. She saw great potential, and even though I had a junior position, she offered me the chance to lead a team. She believed in me. Becoming a leader at such a young age taught me a lot and was crucial for my career.

The values that have influenced me

I believe boldness is an attribute that I learned from my mother. Boldness has enabled me to face unfair situations and have the courage to change them.

From my boss, I learned to observe and detect hidden talents and empower people. She also had amazing self-confidence which can really help to succeed as a woman in this field.

My efforts to share those values

Interestingly, just like my boss trusted me to lead a team despite my age, I had the opportunity to coach a young woman who, although having little experience, stood out because of her excellence, proactiveness and positive attitude.

By that time I was in the process of changing my job, and I had to help choose a new leader for my team. I wanted her to be that leader, but when I proposed this to my managers they couldn’t believe it. However, I insisted. I think that with a good coaching process, people can harness their potential. She is currently very successful in her role.

Mercedes Tella


Scrum Master

My inspiration

I’ve always admired Marie Curie. Since I was a child I’ve been interested in knowledge and science, and she is a pioneer in her field.

Back in those days it wasn’t common for women to study, and to achieve an academic degree was even rarer. Her research about radioactivity was transcendental. Also, she was the first woman to ever win a Nobel prize, and the first person to win it twice.

I wish she could know how much of an inspiration she’s been for many generations.

The values that have influenced me

She showed to the world that, when you are passionate about something, with effort and tenacity you can achieve it.

I’m an anthropologist, I have a formation in the soft sciences. But I’ve always been fascinated by the world of systems, how to apply social theories to practice, and the role technology plays in this.

My efforts to share those values

I share them with my daughters. Just as every child is eager to find out who they will be when they grow up, my girls ask me “What will I become as an adult? Can I be a mum? Can I be a scientist? Can I have a hospice for dogs?” I try to teach them to think that they can achieve anything if they put their hearts on it.

We are still just a few women in the technology field, but in my 15 years of experience, I’ve seen this situation change and it continues to do so.

Women are breaking biases and acquiring many more opportunities than before.


Gisella Tromer


Talent Development Coordinator

My inspiration

Some years ago I got to know about “the human computer” Katherine Johnson. I felt immediately inspired by the strength of this woman who, despite being discriminated against because of her race and gender, was able to become the first African-American woman to be incorporated into a NASA team.

She had an incredible intellectual capacity, and was part of the team that performed the complex mathematical calculations required to take the first man to the moon in 1969. She was almost an invisible member in such a significant project for humankind, and I’m glad to know even if it was late in her life, she received the global recognition she deserved.

The values that have influenced me

I think it would be courage. Getting involved in work that was completely different from the lifestyle and activities that women were expected to do at that time is an act of courage.

My efforts to share those values

I believe that in many cases, because of the way women have been brought up, and as a result of different experiences throughout our lives, we feel that some opportunities are out of reach. But when someone has doubts about pursuing a goal they feel passionate about, it’s important to support them and help them develop the courage they need to overcome cultural restrictions and achieve their goals. I try to do this in my daily work in the Talent Development team at Belatrix, supporting people’s career goals.

Adriana Patiño


Business analyst

My inspiration

My mother is an inspiration to me. She suffers from bipolar disorder, a condition that affects different areas of her body, from her energy levels to her muscles. Although there are periods in which she feels better, there are certain situations that can trigger a crisis.

Despite this condition my mother was able to work and raise us (I have a brother). This makes me think that many people who face very difficult situations have been able to accomplish wonderful things, while others, including myself, who don’t suffer from a severe medical condition, sometimes find obstacles that aren’t really there.

I believe we have no limits and we can achieve anything with courage and persistence.

The values that have influenced me

I learnt from my mother to be independent and resourceful.

My efforts to share those values

I try to instill in young girls from my family the idea of being independent.

Some of them are unsure about the career they want to pursue while others have already made a decision; however, most of them tell me they might not be able to start their studies due to financial concerns.

I want to break that paradigm and make them see that they can build their own path.

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