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A world of innovation on display at our annual Hackatrix

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May 24, 2017 | Topic: Agile Development   Hackathon   Innovation  
A world of innovation on display at our annual Hackatrix

In a world where the cadence of product releases continues to increase rapidly, the ability to quickly spin-up a prototype at little cost, represents a key skill for today’s product organizations.

This is why this weekend’s hackathon held in Lima, Perú was so important. Together with the largest Peruvian bank, BCP, Belatrix invited more than 250 technology experts and enthusiasts to the event. The hackathon tasked the participants with developing a new idea and creating a prototype in just 8 hours – with the aim of providing a social benefit. The teams were assessed across different categories including their innovativeness, potential social impact of the project, their adherence to Agile values, and level of progress/ sophistication of the project.

The event demonstrated people’s expertise with a range of new technologies, from artificial intelligence to the internet of things (IoT). For example, the winners in the innovation category was the team “Smart Cacao” which created an app to help bring automation to small cacao farmers, using the IoT connected to a cloud service.

In order to create their minimum viable product (MVP), teams used a modified version of Agile development. Instead of the usual “backlog” which Agile teams typically use, they used a simplified “hacklog”. Agile “Sprints” were completed in short windows of 2 hours or less.

Hackatrix Lima 2017 - teamwork

Unfortunately I don’t have space here to include every project, but to give a sense of the variety of ideas and expertise in different technologies, some of them include:

  • The project “Home SOS”, a marketplace for home services such as carpenters and plumbers.
  • iChancon”, was a social network designed for academics to help them solve specific problems.
  • iMetrics” demonstrated their expertise in machine learning, by creating an intelligent water meter which is connected to a neural network to optimize efficiency and make billing fairer for consumers.
  • Learn”, this app used artificial intelligence in order to help people improve their reading and writing skills.
  • The team “Trappist” used their skills in IoT to design an app which would help people save time in queues.
  • The team “Laxus” developed an app to help people with visual disabilities.

Thanks to everyone who participated and made the event such a success! You can see more pictures on our Facebook page.


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