Why Spain?

You can find us in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Excellent technology talent combined with lower costs than many other countries in Europe, makes Spain a key nearshore destination for European companies. Spain benefits from being part of the European Union and its data protections laws, making it a good choice when handling sensitive data. Spain also has strong cultural ties to Latin America.


The vibrant, energetic city of Barcelona is home to Belatrix’s European headquarters.

Our location in Barcelona offers the following benefits:

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A vibrant tech start-up scene.

Analysts have repeatedly recognized Barcelona as one of the top destinations for European software startups. This has contributed to the city being home to many highly qualified software experts. It is home to the Mobile World Congress, where every year over 100,000 mobile experts and enthusiasts descend on the city.

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Home to world-class technology talent.

Helped by business and technology schools and colleges, as well as international talent, Barcelona has become a key technology destination.

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A wonderful, multicultural place to visit.

Located right by the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona offers visitors everything they could imagine. From world-class art museums and restaurants, to the extraordinary architecture of the Sagrada Familia, the city has become one of Europe’s top tourist destinations.

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Accessibility and excellent infrastructure.

Barcelona is an easy city to travel to. It boasts Spain’s second largest airport, and has flights to many cities in Europe, as well as intercontinental flights to the US, Canada, and Latin America.