Custom Software Development

  • We combine Agile practices with Design Thinking to ensure innovation.
  • Custom Software development with industry-specific domain knowledge.
  • Our goal is to deliver compelling digital experiences.

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Software development services

Belatrix’s mature Agile development capabilities help you create innovative, engaging products, while simultaneously ensuring rapid time to market.


Our custom software development approach

Belatrix’s software development processes ensure excellence. Belatrix combines its sophisticated, well-proven Agile practices with Design Thinking to ensure the customer remains the central focus during the product development lifecycle. We believe this approach is a key differentiator for our product development capabilities.

Agile provides you with visibility and control

Our preferred Agile methodology is Scrum, which is an iterative and incremental approach to software project management. It provides the best mix of control and visibility while also allowing flexibility in the software production process, factors that make it ideal to manage software development.

Dedicated services depending on your needs

We offer services ranging from software product development and mobile application development services through to software architecture and dedicated cloud development services. Depending on your needs, our experts are ready to help.

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Software Product Development
Software Product Development

Using a mixture of Agile development capabilities, Design Thinking, and 20 years of experience, Belatrix offers a potent combination of services.

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Cybersecurity Service Provider
Cybersecurity Service Provider

Our cybersecurity studio ensures you have the proper strategies and implementations to create safe and secure products from conceptualization to execution.

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