Enterprise software development

  • The future of business is digital.
  • Stand out in a competitive landscape by creating incredible software.
  • Agile development enables organizations to keep up with rapid changes.

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Proven experience developing software for world-leading organizations

Belatrix’s extensive experience developing software products for companies ranging from Fortune 500 leaders to innovative start-ups means we’re ready to help you with your needs.

Agile development is at the heart

Agile development, and in particular Scrum, is at the core of our services. We have worked with Agile methodologies for many years. Every individual at Belatrix is trained in Agile and nearly a quarter are certified Scrum Masters. We have seen how Agile has changed from being just a software methodology, to the driver for organizations’ digital transformation efforts.

End-to-end service capabilities

We can take you from conception and ideation through development and testing, to ongoing maintenance and support using the latest methodologies, tools and technologies. Our focus is on close collaboration, innovation, and creating world-class products.

Agile and Design Thinking are a potent combination

We blend our Agile development expertise together with Design Thinking. By using Design Thinking you can iteratively improve your software, using prototypes to enable you to touch, feel, and sense the product you want to create. Customer journey maps are a core part of the methodology and are essential to ensure you delight your customers.

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