Innovation University

Belatrix Software Innovation University (BSIU) is an experiment, one designed to create intellectually and creatively rich conversations that inspire new business models and product ideas and help business leaders hone their leadership skills to accomplish their visions better. That’s a tall order for a software firm. But why not dream big! We already work with some of the most innovative firms, helping them disrupt their industries with new technologically advanced software driven products and services.

We stepped back and took a look at the immense potential for a bringing together a community of fast forward thinkers.

  • We work with clients who are constantly asking hard questions on “what’s next?”
  • As as product innovation firm, Belatrix Software is constantly pushing the boundaries for how it does business. That “agility” is embedded in our organization’s DNA.
  • And we also are honored to come across thought leaders and experts who enrich our thinking.

There are already several great Innovation Universities out there, but often they are usually very exclusive and expensive. They are geared generally to executives of large organization. But there are lots of mid-size firms who are seeking that fuel to drive their efforts. We thought “why not fuse of all of the experts and expertise that we already have and can access, and open it up for everyone to benefit?” And that was the genesis of the Belatrix Software Innovation University Experiment.

The BSIU Formula brings together the expertise of the following:
  • Innovation Thought Leaders – Dive deep into specific knowledge areas as we hear from invited experts and thought leaders.
  • Belatrix Software expertise – We share our expertise from having worked across diverse industries and technologies.
  • Group – You and your peers come together to share and validate ideas and approaches.
What to expect:
  • Webcasts & Workshops – virtual and in-person sessions led by a thought leader or specialist in a particular knowledge space. Continuing Innovation Education session certificate for select sessions.
  • Group Expertise & Insights – the virtual community has rich insight. As the community grows and Belatrix Software becomes a valuable knowledge destination, we hope that the group will share their insights on a wide range of subjects relevant to driving innovation.
  • Insight Communications – content designed to inform and provoke thinking differently.
Membership & Cost:
  • Membership is open to Executives responsible for driving innovation initiatives think of Belatrix Software Innovation University as an Open Source knowledge center.
  • All webinars are free.
  • Workshops free unless otherwise noted.
  • Access to thought leaders, analysts, data and insight to drive your initiatives.
  • Interaction with industry peers grappling with how to create change and drive innovation in their organizations.

First Complimentary Webinar of the BSIU – June 25th 2013

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An Approach for Fighting Complexity and Accelerating Successful Product Development Cycles

Webinar conducted on June 25, 2013

Innovation University

In this timely and highly engaging webinar, you will learn:

What is design thinking and how does it apply to my business?

Is design thinking a relevant approach to software product development and innovation?

How can design thinking help me do more with less (frugal innovation)?

What are the parallels and differences between design thinking and agile software development methodologies?

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