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  • Bring the digital and the physical worlds together.
  • Every industry will be impacted by the IoT.
  • Look to Belatrix's experts to build new IoT-based applications.

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New possibilities for IoT products and services

How will the world look with billions of objects connected? The IoT will connect 26 billion objects by 2020, having an impact on every industry, from health, transportation, agriculture, to urban planning. Organizations are analyzing the huge amounts of data generated by IoT sensors to help build new software products and closer relationships with their customers.

The IoT will start to influence every part of our lives.

Dedicated IoT services

We offer services from product conceptualization to ongoing development services. We adjust to different approaches of IoT implementations according to your objectives. Our software engineers can help you build IoT based applications, which integrate various data streams, to create new possibilities, and powerful new software products

Industry-specific expertise and service offerings

We recognize the importance of providing industry-specific services. For instance we have worked organizations, ranging from an oil and gas energy company which wanted to optimize routes and predict demand using gas sensors, to providing support to a criminal offender monitoring company, which used beacon technology to help law enforcement.

We’re passionate about the IoT!

Here at Belatrix we are passionate about the potential of the IoT. We have run dedicated IoT hackathons, to spur creativity and generate new ideas for solutions that will change our lives. Such applied innovation efforts, bring theoretical ideas to life using technologies ranging from Arduino, Bluetooth, beacons, and various IoT and wearable platforms.

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