Nearshore development services

  • Nearshoring offers agility and cost efficiency
  • Similar time zones ensure smooth communication
  • The best professionals of the region at your service

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Take advantage of the numerous advantages of nearshoring for your business

Nearshore enables you to practice Agile development due to the cultural similarity and timezone overlap. Meanwhile, activities such as ideation and user experience require significant collaboration and communication between end-users, business-line executives, product designers and engineers – all of which are facilitated by the time overlap, but more importantly a culture where people would rather be active and involved stakeholders in developing the product. Learn more about benefits of Nearshore development services.

Digital success means working side-by-side

In today’s world, characterized by digital transformation and change, organizations need to build the next generation of software-driven products. This requires an innovation-led mindset and close personal collaboration. Being located in the same time-zone enables this close, real-time collaboration, and will be at the core of your digital success.

Practice real Agile development, not a version of it

Agile provides the framework for rapid iterations and constant adaptation depending on what customers want. Nearshoring and Agile development are joined at the hip. This is because having a partner located in a nearshore location, rather than offshore, means you can practice real Agile, with real-time communication, rather than a modified version of it.

Visit us in the most attractive Latin American cities

Our development centers are located in Argentina (Buenos Aires and Mendoza), Colombia (Bogotá), and Perú (Lima). In each city we have close links to local universities, ensuring we hire the best talent. Meanwhile, they are excellent places for you and your staff to visit – from enjoying some of the best food in the world in Peru, to the home of Malbec wine in Mendoza, your staff will greatly enjoy visiting our people and our development centers.

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Cultural alignment

The similarities between Latin American culture/accent and other Western cultures help our team work seamlessly with yours. The culture in Peru, Colombia and Argentina is well suited to taking the initiative (versus other cultures which tend to be more hierarchical).

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Time overlap and easy communication

Benefiting from close timezones means you enjoy simplified day-to-day management of your teams. Lima and Bogotá have the same timezone as the US east coast, and Mendoza and Buenos Aires are just 2 hours ahead of the US East Coast.

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Easy access

It only takes a few hours to get to our offices from the US, and jet lag will be a thing of the past. Plus, there are no advance visa requirements for business travel from most countries.

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Lower total cost of engagement

Easy real-time communication results in higher productivity and lower costs. Meanwhile ease of access means travel for onsite visits is cheaper and stress free.

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