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Nearshore development services

Nearshore Outsourcing Advantages

Nearshoring provides numerous advantages and benefits compared to traditional outsourcing models.

Thanks to our development center locations in Argentina, Peru and Colombia, most of our clients are in very close time zones allowing them to have a much more active role than if their vendor were located in a far off location. We practice Scrum, best suited to nearshore outsourcing innovation, so you see the product as it unfolds. No surprises or missed delivery schedules.

This is particularly important when working with Agile which relies on real collaboration and creativity. Belatrix’s software engineers embrace collaboration with a passion for helping clients achieve that next level of innovation.

Our main nearshore advantages are:

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Cultural alignment

The similarities between Latin American culture/accent and other Western cultures help our team work seamlessly with yours. The culture in Peru, Colombia and Argentina is well suited to taking the initiative (versus other cultures which tend to be more hierarchical).

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Time overlap and easy communication

Benefiting from close timezones means you enjoy simplified day-to-day management of your teams. Lima and Bogotá have the same timezone as the US east coast, and Mendoza and Buenos Aires are just 2 hours ahead of the US East Coast.

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Easy access

It only takes a few hours to get to our offices from the US, and jet lag will be a thing of the past. Plus, there are no advance visa requirements for business travel from most countries.

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Lower total cost of engagement

Easy real-time communication results in higher productivity and lower costs. Meanwhile ease of access means travel for onsite visits is cheaper and stress free.

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We provide end-to-end software and mobile application development services. We take you from creating the concept and design, through to developing and delivering the final product that will delight your customers.

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In today's world, software products must delight their users. In order to develop at speed and with creativity, look to our software development services.


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Cutting corners on testing software presents significant business risks, from losing customers to impacting your reputation. Our software QA & testing services can help.


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Belatrix's innovation and consulting services combine our in-depth technical expertise, with Agile development and Design Thinking. These services help you quickly generate business opportunities.


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User experience

Customer expectations are rising fast. Whether you are developing an application for consumers or for businesses, the user experience will determine its success or failure.


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