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Agile Developers Create New ‘Social IT’ Apps in Day-Long Coding Marathon at Belatrix Software’s Hackatrix 2015 in Lima, Peru

June 1, 2015

Hosted by one of Lima’s most important universities -- Universidad de San Martín de Porres -- on Saturday, May 23, Belatrix’s third-annual Hackatrix brought 60 programmers from across Peru together in collaboration with Scrum Masters from Belatrix Software to complete “Social IT” projects using agile methodology to develop and demo functional apps -- all in just a single day of intensive, hackathon-style team coding. Belatrix Best of Hackatrix 2015 winners were Caza Ofertas, a social purchasing network, and Lets Dog, a matching site for dog mating.

Winners of agile innovator Belatrix Software’s Best of Hackatrix 2015 awards go to Caza Ofertas, a social purchasing network, and Lets Dog, a matching site for dog mating. On May 22 at Universidad de San Martín de Porres in Lima, Peru, Hackatrix 2015 — a software development marathon — challenged 10 teams consisting of 60 software developers to design and build fully functional “Social IT” applications in just a single day.

“Our Hackatrix 2015 challenged Lima’s best agile innovators to design, code and test in rapid fire — resulting in exciting new applications like Caza Ofertas and Lets Dog, created by teams in an exciting, hackathon-style marathon,” said Belatrix Software Co-Founder and CEO Luis Robbio, “The Social IT applications developed at Hackatrix 2015 showcase the world-class talents of Peru’s nearshore inventiveness, collaboration and team spirit.”

Belatrix Best of Hackatrix 2015 Awards for the greatest promise for society or biggest impact on users’ well being went to:

Caza Ofertas — a social network that keeps users up-to-the moment on interesting offers or sales from different companies. Users can let your friends know about something they bought.

Lets Dog — an online site where users can upload pictures and profiles of their dogs to find the perfect mate.

Other notable Belatrix Hackatrix 2015 projects included:

Rutas de Transporte — a website for recommending the most-efficient public transportation routes. The site’s algorithm connects to Google Maps to identify the best public transportation for specific needs.

Politicians Guide — a website that collects information from politicians that tell you his/her background and previous positions and collects breaking political news. Users can “vote” by posting their like/dislike and understanding about a candidate’s trending news — to better inform voters well before the actual polling day.

Auto Service — a mobile app that shows where parking spots are available in busy urban landscapes.

Belatrix Best of Hackatrix Winners received Belatrix Scrum Master certification training and a MOTO 360 Smart Watch, and all Hacktrix Teams are encouraged to continue their collaborations with Belatrix support, training and co-meeting space. Belatrix Software will bring to Lima on August 17th and 18th the renowned international Scrum Trainer Hubert Smits to certify new team members as well as people from the IT community of Peru.

Agile Developers Create New 'Social IT' Apps in Day-Long Coding Marathon at Belatrix Software’s Hackatrix 2015 in Lima, Peru

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