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Belatrix Software Attends WSO2Con To See The Focus Shift To Agile Integration

July 24, 2018

Today’s digital businesses need Agile expertise

Belatrix Software, a leading software development company, attended WSO2’s annual WSO2Con event in San Francisco last week. WSO2 is one of the most successful open source middleware businesses, providing enterprises with the tools and products to enable their digital transformations. At the event, WSO2 announced the latest release of its agile integration platform.

WSO2Con 2018

Writing in a blog post about the event, Pablo Lecea, Belatrix’s Director of Technical Consulting, highlighted how the theme of this year was Agile integration. Indeed, WSO2’s CEO, Tyler Jewell headlined his keynote: “Integration is Sexy!”, and the reason is because of Agile, and how effective integration enables companies to innovate. Companies can no longer rely on traditional “waterfall” approaches to integration, but rather need to “empower development teams”. This approach aligns with Belatrix’s Agile first approach to providing software development and WSO2 services.

Belatrix offers dedicated services for the WSO2 platform, helping organizations with their core integration challenges.

WSO2 has also created a new maturity model for agility. Agility is a journey, and WSO2 defines 5 phases: “monolithic”, “fast waterfall”, “API-driven”, “early agility”, and finally “integration agile”. This maturity model makes it easy for teams and organizations to assess their maturity.

Pablo Lecea, Belatrix’s Director of Technical Consulting, commenting on the event, said that “it was great to see the evolution of WSO2’s platform, and how the focus is shifting towards more people and teams, rather than just technology. I’m excited attend next year’s conference to see the next evolution. I really envision WSO2 focusing deeper on new business cases and customer experiences which are being enabled by effective integration, and that are ultimately the reason that organizations run complex integration projects.”


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