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Belatrix Software Factory in South America offering Scrum Master Training Program

December 12, 2011

Belatrix Software Factory a leading South American Outsourcing firm offers and aggressive Scrum Master training program to its employees as well as to the larger IT community in South America

Belatrix Software Factory announces its aggressive Scrum Master Training Program.Belatrix Software Factory (http://www.belatrixsf.com) has partnered with Hubert Smits, one of the most recognized Certified Scrum Trainers in the world to promote the growth of Agile Software Development in South America by offering a series of Certified Scrum Master Training Workshops.

Belatrix’s goal is to continue establishing its position as the leading South America outsourcing company when it comes to offering agile software development services based on Scrum. By offering a very aggressive training program to its personnel Belatrix ensures that every one of its consultants has a deep and working knowledge of the latest technologies and project management frameworks. Belatrix ha also opened the workshops to professionals outside of Belatrix in an effort to strengthen the agile move in South America.

Scrum has established itself as the most used and respected agile methodologies nowadays. Because of the high visibility, interactivity and flexibility, Scrum is extremely applicable in nearshore software outsourcing endeavors.

After more than four years of actively applying Scrum on dozens of projects for multiple clients world-wide, Belatrix has decided to expand its commitment by investing significant resources in certifying most of its Project Leads as Certified Scrum Masters.

“We couldn’t be more excited with the fact that in just a few days we will have 52 additional Certified Scrum Masters in our region thanks to this program”, mentions Luis Robbio, the CEO of Belatrix. Horacio Cappa, who leads HR at Belatrix adds that “while we have initially launched the program in Mendoza, Argentina; our plan is to offer this and other workshops in Lima, Perú shortly and we will do it with the same mindset where we not only train our own personnel but we also open our programs to people outside of Belatrix which we believe will strengthen our industry”.

The Certified Scrum Master training is supported by the Scrum Alliance (http://www.scrumalliance.org) and it ensures that those who become certified have participated in a very focused and interactive training program.

About Hubert Smits

Hubert Smits has been a strong supporter of the Agile Community for almost 10 years. He worked with Ken Schwaber and Mike Cohn in the Agile Alliance in the Articles and Roadmap Program. He brought Ken to the UK for the first CSM course in 2003, then Mary Poppendieck for the first Lean course on British soil. Hubert became a CST in 2005 and has trained hundreds of CSMs throughout the world. Currently he is an independent consultant, coaching management teams and software teams around the world. He still trains ScrumMasters, and extended his teachings to Product Owners, Teams, and Executive Teams. He works intensely with companies throughout the US, coaching them in their move towards Agile Software Development. Hubert is an experienced facilitator, working with teams during their planning sessions and retrospectives. He has been a speaker at many Agile Conferences, Agile2005-11, Better Software, HICSS. Publications include whitepapers on implementing Scrum enterprise-wide (“The CIO Playbook” – with Ken Schwaber) and on planning for multi-team projects in an Agile environment (“Five Levels of Planning in Agile Projects”).

Belatrix Software Factory (BSF) is a leading ITO vendor providing near-shore and offshore outsourcing services from our Development Centers in Mendoza, Argentina and China.

About Belatrix Software

Belatrix Software helps companies thrive in the digital world. Organizations partner with Belatrix to turn ideas into high quality, innovative software based on highly-tuned Agile development processes. Customers use Belatrix's digital transformation services to create best-in-class software products, lower time to market, and gain competitive edge. Belatrix's dedicated labs, focusing on UX, continuous delivery, mobile, DevOps, and QA automation, help organizations become digital leaders.

Belatrix's clients include both established Fortune level and emerging, venture backed firms. Some of the firm's clients include Disney, Adobe, AOL, PwC, and Shutterfly. Belatrix is a South American company with offices in Florida, New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Lima


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