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Belatrix Software Hosts Annual Tech Day To Introduce Youngsters To Coding

June 11, 2018

Belatrix Software, a leading software development company, has held its annual “Tech Day” in its headquarters in Mendoza, Argentina. The purpose of the event is to give high school students an opportunity to learn about computer programming, as well as to receive insights about the benefits of a career in technology.

Belatrix Software Hosts Annual Tech Day To Introduce Youngsters To Coding

The students used the Scratch programming language, which was initially developed by the MIT media lab, to help youngsters get started with computer programming. Belatrix developers and quality assurance experts provided guidance and advice to the students during the day, as well as sharing their thoughts about what it is really like to work in the technology industry.

For the past several years Belatrix has hosted this event, as part of its efforts to get more young people involved and interested in technical careers. In Argentina, as in other countries, there is significant demand from companies for people with strong technical skills, but too few individuals are taking up such careers. This is why the government has launched initiatives such as the “Plan 110K” which which aims to create 100,000 IT professionals, 10,000 engineers, and 1,000 entrepreneurs in the next 5 years.

The Tech Day was organized in conjunction with the Fonbec scholarship program. Fonbec is a foundation that helps students from low-income backgrounds access educational and training opportunities.

This past Saturday, Belatrix held an additional gathering together with Fonbec, to meet the students who are part of Belatrix’s “Miguel Giaquinta Scholarship Program”. Belatrix has organized this scholarship program together with Fonbec. This year there were 32 students in the scholarship program, from elementary and high schools. The event on Saturday provided the students an opportunity to meet their “godparents” who are helping them with their studies.

Fernando Gonzalez, Belatrix’s VP of Marketing, commented that “the Tech Day event was a great success, and we thoroughly enjoyed introducing the students to coding and programming. We were also very proud to see the students of the Miguel Giaquinta scholarship program, and wish them all the best with their studies.”

About Belatrix Software

Belatrix Software helps companies thrive in the digital world. Organizations partner with Belatrix to turn ideas into high quality, innovative software based on highly-tuned Agile development processes. Customers use Belatrix's digital transformation services to create best-in-class software products, lower time to market, and gain competitive edge. Belatrix's dedicated labs, focusing on UX, continuous delivery, mobile, DevOps, and QA automation, help organizations become digital leaders.

Belatrix's clients include both established Fortune level and emerging, venture backed firms. Some of the firm's clients include Disney, Adobe, AOL, PwC, and Shutterfly. Belatrix is a South American company with offices in Florida, New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Lima


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