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Belatrix Software Recognized As A Top Millennial Workplace

August 2, 2018

Belatrix One Of The Best Places To Work For The Millennial Generation

Belatrix Software, a leading software development company, has been recognized as a top place to work for millennials by the organization Great Place to Work. Representatives of Belatrix’s millennial workforce attended the award ceremony, hosted by Great Place to Work, where the organization discussed strategies to develop excellent work environments for the “Y generation”.

Representatives of Belatrix’s millennial workforce attended the award ceremony

The award was the culmination of extensive research. This research included surveying more than 86,000 millennials to examine whether organizations are building an environment that encourages young employees to succeed. To do this, Great Place to Work measured how millennials rated their organization according to the performance of leaders and managers, the effectiveness of communication, rewards, and opportunities for innovation and professional growth regardless of background. In particular, judges of the award emphasized training and development opportunities. In addition, they evaluated the overall experience and opinion of millennials in comparison to other generations to measure if companies have adapted to the needs of younger generations.

Great Place to Work highlighted some of Belatrix’s best practices. These range from providing flexible working arrangements which help respect individuals’ personal lives, using technology to help engage and motivate employees, and extensive training and development opportunities. In the award, judges emphasized how Belatrix empowers individuals in their work, and enables them to take ownership of tasks in their day-to day work. This is a key part of the high-performing culture at Belatrix, as well as providing excellent opportunities for professional growth.

Belatrix prides itself on having built a high-performing company culture, which involves offering excellent working conditions that adjust to the needs and expectations of all its employees. We recognize that nowadays, millennials represent a significant proportion of the people who will be in leadership and management positions in the coming years, so providing opportunities for professional growth is critical.

Stefania Miró Quesada, part of the team responsible for Belatrix’s workplace environment in Peru, and a millennial herself, commented “we are very proud to receive the award. The majority of individuals who work at Belatrix are millennials, so we work hard on creating an environment that is both fun and enjoyable, but also helps individuals achieve their best performance”.


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