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Florida International University Launches Relationship with Belatrix Software Factory

July 11, 2012

Belatrix Software's relationship with Florida International University offers students a chance to get access to growing South America Outsourcing arena.

Astute US academic institutions are increasingly aware that they need to prepare students for a new global business paradigm. Recognizing the growth in emerging regions such as Latin America, FIU reached out to Belatrix, a leading provider of South America Outsourcing services to establish a relationship. FIU and Belatrix Software have developed a pilot project involving a team of students currently working towards Masters’ degrees in International Business. The team which represents a rich mix of business backgrounds and international perspectives is collaborating closely on several initiatives with Belatrix’s leadership team in the US and Argentina.

“We were impressed by FIU’s students’ strong professional and academic backgrounds and how ‘international’ it really is as we are working with students from Italy, India, Colombia, USA among others,” said Alex Robbio, one of Belatrix’s founders and head of North American operations for Belatrix. “Working with Florida International University students allows us to get access to exceptionally talented perspective, and allows them to get valuable insight on the inner workings of a Latin America software firm.”


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